Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision. Here are some of the most-common questions we get asked by our new customers, with answers provided by our service attendants and experts.

  • How long do the repairs take?

Usually about 3 hours

  • Will the new spindle use the same bearings and seal as the old original one?

Yes: we have hundreds of spindles in stock and many more available

  • What is the warranty on the repair?
  • What information will you need?

Make and model of vehicle and the inner and outer wheel bearing numbers

  • What vehicles do you repair?

From a 3/4 ton truck thru all the semi trucks and trailers. Including Gooseneck trailer axles, forklifts, Busses, cranes, and large off road equipment

  • Can your spindle be replaced again?

Yes: if it gets damaged it can be replaced again

  • Can you replace a brake spider?

Yes! We stock the most popular replacement spiders.

  • Can you repair the axle without removing it from the vehicle?

Yes: we can repair it at the breakdown site without removing it

  • Is the repair as strong as the original?

Yes: Our patented repair and installation process produces a repair that is stronger than the original spindle

Don't Risk More Damage

At the first sign of an issue let Axle Surgeon assess and advise you of your needed wheel end repairs. Some damage is obvious, other damage takes a trained eye and more experience to diagnose. Depend on the expertise of the industry leader!

Bryan Lambert

We have used Axle Surgeon for years and they are absolutely amazing. Their work is unmatched. They are always on time and the prices are reasonable. I had another company come into my shop a few months ago to get my business but I just handed him his card back. Jerry and the guys have always taken excellent care of us! We are customers for life! I couldn’t be more happy with them! Definitely a 5 star operation! – Bryan Lambert, Les’s Diesel Service

Ray Stuff

Super impressed with Justin, very intelligent man willing to help and not break the bank. – Ray Stuff

Tyler Curtis McMinn

These guys do an awesome job, they are very affordable for the work they do and show up in a very timely manner. – Tyler Curtis McMinn

Frank Cerrillo

Wow! At a loss for words. The whole staff went above and beyond. Jerry was extremely helpful. Justin was professional, courteous, and informative and his attention to detail is immaculate. Thank you for the excellent work. God bless you! – Frank Cerrillo

Tj Justen

They’re always on time, friendly, and fast! We’ve had them do 3 or 4 sets of kingpins, and at least 6 spindle/axle end replacements. It’s difficult to get anyone to offer the quality of service that they do. Thank you again! – Tj Justen, Savage Transport

Brodie Reed

Axle Surgeon Of Oklahoma does all of our work in the shop and has saved our customers tons of money on repairing axle instead of having to replace the entire assembly. Their work is fast and top notch! – Brodie Reed

Jeannette Warner

They saved me $7000. Welded the bracket on my one box. Thank you Jerry and Levi. You’re the best. Waiting for the calendar. – Jeannette Warner

Jaccob Garrett

The guys at Axle Surgeon Of Oklahoma are very qualified and know what they are doing. They very respectful workers and are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done well. – Jaccob Garrett

Nathan Baggs

I’ve been doing business with them for nearly ten years. Justin and Jerry are always on time and do high quality work , I highly recommend them. – Nathan Baggs

Crystal Minnich Pahira

Excellent work. I would recommend this company to anyone. Very satisfied with them. Could not ask for a better job. Thanks for the work you did on our truck. – Crystal Minnich Pahira

Trace Helm

We have done business with Axle Surgeon Of Oklahoma for 20 years! Always a pleasure working with their expertise and would happily recommend their services to anyone in need! – Trace Helm

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